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How AfterShip Traffic works?


AfterShip Traffic is a must-have free traffic acquisition app for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores that helps drive high-quality converting traffic with ad exchange. One of the essential elements of the modern web and mobile advertising ecosystem, an ad exchange is one of the most profitable methods to promote your products in similarly themed stores with the high-purchase intent customers looking to buy what you are selling.

Mentioned below are the key features of AfterShip Traffic,

✅ Absolutely Free

Free display advertising through an ad exchange. Put your products in front of millions of customers who want to shop what you are selling by displaying your products in other stores and other stores’ products in yours. No hidden costs, no extra charges, just pure advertising.

✅ 1-click hassle setup

It will take a mere click of a button and a shift of a toggle to start displaying high-converting display advertisements in partner Shopify Stores.

✅ No technical expertise

Our user-friendly interface will take you no more than two minutes to get around the semantics of the app. You don’t need any technical know-how nor have to tweak even a single line of coding for setting up your first ad campaign.

✅ Manage Ads Campaigns

You can choose up to 5 products you wish to display in other partner stores and vice versa remove the bad performing products from your campaign, which takes us to our next feature.

Note: Products that are NOT out of stock and have an image will be available for selection.

✅ Ad performance analytics

Instead of relying on third-party tools to measure the success of your ad campaigns, AfterShip Traffic’s auto-built algorithms will fetch the insightful data like impressions, clicks, and CTR of your ad campaigns.

✅ Join 10K+ stores network

AfterShip Traffic lets you leverage our well-established extensive network of Shopify stores to drive instant traffic to your store. Customers will be more likely to visit your store when top Shopify stores market your products.

✅ Mobile Responsive

Give customers a consistent experience at Shopify with beautiful eye-catchy ads on both Android and iOS devices.

✅ Compatible with major browsers

AfterShip Traffic is supported by all the major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and more.

How to install AfterShip Traffic for your Shopify Store?

Connect your Shopify store with AfterShip Traffic.
Choose 5 five products you want to promote on partner websites.
From the admin, go to “Ad Exchange” and enable it.

Want to know more about the features? Explore our help center right away!

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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